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The free Studio Visualizer Viewer on cannot open .EVZ files created with Visualizer 12 or newer.


When you try to open an Esko Visualizer file (.EVZ), created in Studio Visualizer 12.x or newer using the free (read:unlicensed) Studio Visualizer 10.0.8 Viewer (downloaded from > Free Software), the following warning message pops up:

The file you are loading was created with a later version (12.0.53) of software than you are using (10.0.8). 
This file may not load correctly.
Please upgrade your software to open this file

But on, there is no version newer than 10 available under Free Downloads.


Esko has discontinued the development of the free Visualizer Viewer. The current free Viewer on will no longer be updated.

However, we will continue to offer the Free Visualizer 10.0.8 Viewer download.

Esko's free Visualizer Viewer is actually a complete installation of Studio Visualizer, but will work as a free Viewer in the unlicensed mode. This viewer can handle: .EVZ (Visualizer native file format), Collada files (.DAE) and archives (.ZAE).

So you can download the trial version ( > Trial Software) of the current version of Visualizer to get a free Visualizer Viewer in unlicensed mode.

This requires you to download several hundreds of MBs since we only offer a full Studio installer in the trials section, so this includes all Studio plugins and applications.

In case you don't want your customer to download such big files just for a free Viewer, you can simply download the free Visualizer Viewer 10 as it can correctly open Collada files created with Studio Visualizer 12.x.

Esko promotes the sharing of Collada files over the old .EVZ (Visualizer native file format) because the Collada models are smaller, protected from editing (unlike the .EVZ files) and can be viewed by many other free or paid viewers like the free Studio Viewer app on iPhone/ iPad, Studio Viewer in the webbrowser ( > Studio Viewer), Studio Visualizer, Store Visualizer and even in the WebCenter.

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Studio Visualizer Viewer 10.0.8

Studio Visualizer 12.x or newer

Studio Viewer

Last revised02-Apr-15
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