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Multipart product:

  • Runs through the Automation Engine workflow.
  • Sends milestones to the MIS system.

When the MIS system sends feedback for the first product part:

  • All the other product parts disappear from the Automation Engine database.
  • The product files remain on the file server.


Some parts in a multipart product suddenly disappear in Automation Engine Pilot > Products view, but:

  • The files are still available on the file server.
  • There are no error messages in the user interface.


Hotfix1202115 introduces the Updating option in Automation Engine Pilot > Tools > Configure > Products > JDFSetup.

This option allows you to choose between:

  • The current behavior.
  • The behavior of Suite 10.

Both are valid behaviors.

After installing the hotfix, the default behavior will be that of Suite 10.

Article information
Applies toAutomation Engine 12.0.1
Last revised30-May-13
CW Number154835