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Is it possible to create an ArtPro file from a PDF file in Automation Engine?
What will happen to the embedded images of the PDF file?


You can use the ticket Export to ArtPro file in Automation Engine. This will export the Normalized PDF to an ArtPro file. The embedded images will be extracted in .CT format.

In order to have the images extracted in .TIFF format, you can use an ArtPro Action List that imports a PDF file and saves it as an ArtPro file.

Click here to download a sample ArtPro Action List.

Click here to know more about ArtPro Action List Editor.

Click here to know more about the Apply ArtPro Action List ticket.

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Applies to

Automation Engine 12.x

Automation Engine 10.x

Last revised05-Jun-13
CW Number155991