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When launching files to the FlexRip via Automation Engine, the task fails with an error.

If FlexRip does not have appropriate access to the file (or to the server where the file is saved), parser error occurs. The same error can also occur if the file or external links are missing.


FlexRip closed with an error.

Example error: "error: Parser error: file: file://FileServer/PRODUCTION/xxx.pdfpla is not found".


Go to the rip node and check if you can browse to the file that is mentioned as not found in the error:

  1. Go to Start > Run.
  2. Type the name of the server in the format \\server-name, where the file is saved.

If Windows prompts for a Username and Password, you may use the username "BGSYSTEM" and the default BGSYSTEM password. But if you had changed the default password, type your password. Check the Remember Password check box for the PC to store the username and password of the user currently logged on to the rip.  If this PC is restarted and logged on as a different user you need to authenticate for that user also.

The Windows user logged on to the FlexRip node is the user that needs access to the Automation Engine Server and to the Data Server (where the jobs/files are stored). If you use the Administrator user, then make sure it has the same password as the Administrator user on the other servers where it needs to access. Or if you use another user, then make sure this user is known on the other servers.

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