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Applying graphic artwork on 3D model doesn’t preview full graphics or shows blank 3D model without graphics.


The 3D module has two different rendering (display) methods: Open GL (the default) and Direct 3D.

Which method performs better depends on the display adapter in your system. The main difference between these methods is how data is transferred between main system memory and the display adapter. If one of the methods has issue with the 3D rendering on your system, you can switch the 3D rendering method to the other to solve such 3D rendering issue. Following steps shows how to switch 3D rendering method:

  • To perform the following steps you should first convert 2D CAD layout to 3D.
  • Go to menu Options > 3D Rendering Options.
  • In the 3D Rendering Options window, you can either select the Direct3D radio button or the OpenGL radio button to select that method.


By default, OpenGL will be selected as the default 3D rendering option. If you would like to change the default 3D rendering method, you can set it in the Options > Defaults. The steps given below explain how to set default 3D rendering method in the Options > Defaults:

  • Go to menu Options > Defaults.
  • Select / Expand Startup defaults option under Shared defaults and open 3D Rendering Options.
  • In the 3D Rendering Options window select your 3D rendering method and click OK.
  • Once done, save the changes in the defaults by navigating to the File menu > Save as > Shared defaults.
Article information
Applies toArtiosCAD 12.0
Last revised2-Jul-13
CW Number163239