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When I create my own set of smart marks in Dynamic Marks, the ink names do not knock out of the bearer bar like they do when I apply the supplied set named "Mark Set 4".


  1. Create a new Mark Set.
  2. Add the standard Bearer Bar marks (default in 100% registration ink).
  3. Create a text object "ink 1" and put it into 0,21% Cyan in Overprint.

    0.21% will not work. It needs to be a comma (0,21%).
  4. Add the text as mark to the mark set, position it on top of the bearer bar so that you can see the knock out.

    You only see the knockout in Preview mode. In Overprint Preview, it is not visible since it knocks out only one separation.
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Dynamic Marks 12.0 and newer

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  1. Anonymous

    software won't allow comma 0,21%. Should all named ink colors be process, should all be spots? Would be helpful if you illustrated at least 3 inks instead of just one