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Are there any readily available output presets for other sample cutting tables/ CAM devices other than those which are available in Shared defaults? If yes, how to import them?


Yes, presets for other cutting tables/ CAM devices are available in ArtiosCAD, these are available in Example defaults. You can copy the required entry or entries to your Shared defaults.
Follow the steps given below to add the presets from Example defaults:

  1. Launch Esko ArtiosCAD.
  2. Click Options > Defaults.
  3. In the Defaults flyout menu, click the User defaults pane.
  4. In the Defaults flyout menu, click File > Open > Example defaults.
  5. Expand the Outputs folder and its subfolders, you will see a number of pre-build Outputs.
  6. Drag and drop the required Output type from this side into the Output folder on the Shared defaults side.
  7. Save the Shared defaults.
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Applies toArtiosCAD all version
Last revised17-Jan-17
CW Number148706