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In an Automation Engine workflow, modifying a linked ticket also modifies the original ticket. Why does this happen?


This is an intended behavior. The linked ticket is nothing but a shortcut to the original ticket. When you modify a linked ticket, it simply means that you are modifying the original ticket.

When you change the settings in the linked ticket and click OK, the following message pops up:

You can click:

  1. Save as Copy to create a copy of the ticket with the new settings.
  2. Cancel to get back to the edit ticket window.
  3. No to discard changes.
  4. Or Yes to update the settings, which will in turn modify the original ticket.

The linked ticket icon has a small arrow which means it’s a shortcut to the original ticket:

To have an independent ticket which does not modify the original ticket, you will have to copy the ticket.

  • To copy, you can simply drag and drop the ticket from the Ticket Browser or from the Workflow Step List.
  • For a linked ticket: hold the Ctrl and Shift keys (on PC or Mac) or Cmd and Alt keys (on Mac only) and drag it into your workflow. The ticket icon will now look like this :

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Applies to

Automaton Engine 12.x

Automation Engine 10.x

Last revised14-May-13
CW Number150698