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How to get rid of a corrupted autosave recovery file (.AAS file).


  • When trying to do an autosave recovery on a file, ArtiosCAD crashes.
  • ArtiosCAD crashes on start up.


Change the extension of the corrupted .AAS file (recovered file) or move the file to your deskop for ex. as step in between to submit it to Support in order Support can investigate further what the problem with the file is.
As soon as this file is not located in the Temp direoctory anymore, ArtiosCAD will not try to restore the file and won't crash anymore.

The .AAS files are usually saved in the Temp folder, for example: %TEMP% or %userprofile%\appdata\local\temp.

The location where ArtiosCAD stores the temp files depends of the setting in the ArtiosCAD Defaults > Startup Defaults > Local Temp Directory; whether it takes the Windows temp folder or it takes the custom folder if the option Specify with a custom file path is selected in the Defaults:

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