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How to make palettes and floating palettes appear on the right side of the screen?


It is not possible to open by default all palettes / floating palettes on the right side of your screen.

However, you can save your palettes / floating palettes and their position in a Workspace.
To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. If you want to save it in...then go to...
    Your Default WorkspaceStep 2 of this procedure.
    Any other WorkspaceWindow > Workspaces and select Duplicate Current....
  2. Open and position the palettes on your screen.

  3. Save the palettes and their position by going to Window > Workspaces and select Save Current.



Workspaces allow you to save, load and reload the position of all your palettes and the customized toolbar.
Click the link below for more information about Workspaces:
ArtPro manual > Window Menu > Workspaces
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Applies to

ArtPro 12.x
ArtPro 10.x
ArtPro 9.x

Last revised16-May-13
CW Number162058