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When you try to add certain (but not all) product statuses in the Automation Engine 12.1 Pilot > Products view > Product menu > Manage Statuses... window, you get this error message: "The name of the item you are trying to add already exists. Please provide another name".

This happens, for e.g. when you try to add Ready for Approval.


Some product status names are not accepted. But you don't see an existing product status with that same name in the Manage Product Statuses window.


The Ready for Approval value already exists as a Milestone. You can see this in the Automation Engine Pilot > JOB Overview > Milestones view > Milestones menu > Manage Milestones window.

If you want to add the same value as a product status, you can enable the Use as Product Status option in the Manage Milestones window.

You can also select a product status in the Manage Product Statuses window and enable the Use as Milestone option.

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