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Where can you find the Neo or i-cut Preflight Preferences?


When the list of Recent files contains files on an unavailable server and the software tries to connect, it can cause a long time to start up. Deleting the Preferences solves this problem.

Along with the list of Recent files, personalized settings will also be lost.

For Neo (only available on Mac)

On Mac 10.9 and 10.10:

  1. In the Finder: navigate to Go > Go to Folder….
  2. Or use the shortcut shift + apple + G and type the following:

On Mac 10.8:

Local User/Library/Preferences.

Reach Local User/Library via alt-click in the Go menu-item.

On older versions of Mac OS:


For i-cut Preflight (available on Windows and Mac)

On Mac: (see above)

On Windows 7:


On Windows XP:

Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/EskoArtwork/Preferences.

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i-cut Preflight all versions

Neo all versions

Last revised13-Jul-15
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