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This article describes the output behavior of the EFI server component.


The orientation of jobs is in most cases changed when FlexProof/E is used to proof a job. This autorotation is done to minimize the waste of paper.

There are four possible orientation cases when proofing a job:

1. Autorotation
Input dimension: V: 297 / H: 210

Left: Job, Right: Paper

2. No autorotation
Input dimension: V: 445 / H: 210

Left: Job, Right: Paper

3. Horizontal clipping
Input dimension: V: 210 / H: 525

Left: Job, Right: Paper

The clipping is done by the FlexProof and doesn't take the post process autorotation into account.

Note: Use the orientation option in the FlexProof ticket to avoid clipping. Using the orientation for this particular case will result in a printout with the job printed 90º.

4. Horizontal clipping / 2
Input dimension: V: 742 / H: 525

Left: Job, Right: Paper

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FlexProof 7.0

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