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A normalized PDF file is a PDF file that is conform to a set of rules. One of these rules is having halftone information stored in its XMP data. Unfortunately it happens that a normalized PDF file is altered outside your Esko workflow, where this information is overwritten and causes trouble when importing back in your Esko software.



When opening a Normalized PDF in PackEdge, the following error pops up:

"Missing halftone information in Normalized PDF file. 
Normally Normalized PDF files always have screening information".

Automation Engine:

ERROR - Missing halftone information in Normalized PDF File.


What is necessary is for the halftone information to be correctly rewritten in the XMP data of your normalized PDF.

  • Use an Esko program to edit the Normalized PDF file. PackEdge, Automation Engine or DeskPack PDF Import plug-in.
    1. PackEdge: Reopen and save the file in PackEdge
    2. Automation Engine: Launch the "Adjust PDF Screening" task
    3. DeskPack: Open the Normalized PDF file in Illustrator and export it again as a Normalized PDF.


Retrace to where the PDF could have been altered. If for example this has been altered by using Adobe® Illustrator®, note that we have a free and simple solution called the Data Exchange plugin.

Data Exchange Plug-in that acts as a bridge between Adobe® Illustrator® and all Esko applications. You can find the Data Exchange plug-in on our website.

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