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I have purchased Studio Designer, can I purchase 3D shapes from the online Shapes store and use them?


The option in the Structural Design > File menu to Open or Place from Shapes is available after installing the Esko Data Exchange plugin.

If you buy any of the Esko plugins available, you will also get the free Esko Data Exchange plugins. Furthermore, in case you do not buy any plugin, you can still download the Esko Data Exchange plugin which is a free software from Esko, from

As soon as you install the Esko Data Exchange plugin (or any other plugin) and restart the Adobe® Illustrator®, you'll see this new entry in the File menu in the Adobe® Illustrator®: Structural Design.

Choose File > Structural Design > Open from Shapes (or Place from Shapes) to open a dialog where you can login to the Shapes store using your Esko Support Account (same as the one for portal and You will also be able to buy 3D models from the Shapes store.

In case you have a full maintenance contract for Studio products, you will be able to download the shapes for free.

To see the models downloaded/ purchased from Shapes in 3D with artwork rendered on top of it, you'll need Studio Designer.

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Studio Toolkit for Boxes all versions

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