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When trying to map 'any PANTONE color from any PANTONE book' to the limited set supported by the GRS format, use a waterfall approach instead of failing after the first try.


This hotfix is for FlexRip/BI only: after sending a normalized PDF to the FlexRip/BI, you get the following error message: "Could not translate PMS name <name of PANTONE ink> to PANTONE number".

More information

For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to:

Article information
Applies to

FlexRip 12.0.1

Last revised 
Author PED
CW NumberCW166478

What is a Hotfix?

A Hotfix is a software package that you can install on an existing installation of our software. Each hotfix contains fixes for one or more known issues in our released software.

Because there is always a small chance for a hotfix to cause new issues, you should only install Recommended Hotfixes, unless otherwise instructed by your Esko Software Support team.