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A WebCenter Asset Browser is a saved search with extra decoration to create a browsing experience. You can find information on how to set up an Asset Browser in the WebCenter Administration Guide, chapter Asset Browser (see 

In WebCenter 12.1 and older, there is a problem with showing images other than JPG or GIF in the Google Chrome browser.


  • PNG and JPEG images don't show up in the Top Image section of the Asset Browser (saved search) in Google Chrome.
  • JPG and GIF images do show up.
  • Some images show up and others don't.


The image name is given by the value of the attribute used for the Asset Browser.  This however only determines the name, but not the extension. If for example, the attribute value is 'beer', WebCenter will first try to load beer.jpg, then beer.gif, then beer.png, then beer.jpeg and then beer.bmp.  On Google Chrome, this sequence stops at beer.gif.


These names are case sensitive.

If for example, part of the JPG images show up and another part does not, then this is typically caused due to wrong spelling or uppercase/lowercase problems. 

The issue where Google Chrome stops at .GIF and therefore does not find .PNG, JPEG and BMP will be solved in WebCenter 14. 


Only use .JPG or .GIF images.

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WebCenter 12.1

WenCenter 12

Last revised7-Oct-13
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