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How to set up the BG_SERVER environment variable?

When the BG_SERVER environment variable is set-up, the server will know which Automation Engine Server to use. As a consequence, systems having the BG_SERVER variable will find the central resource data the Automation Engine Server is using such as:

  • bg_data_cms_v010
  • bg_data_dgc_v010
  • bg_data_custom_v010 etc.

This prevents the use of local resource files.


Automation Engine

Automation Engine no longer needs the BG_SERVER environment variable to work correctly (from Suite 12.1.0 onwards).


During a new installation of the FlexRip/FlexProof from the DVD (if no existing BG_SERVER variable is detected), a window will pop up asking to fill the name of the Automation Engine Server. When filled in, the correct environment is set up. Otherwise, you would continue working with the local resources.

If you want to set it up later or change the server name, go to Start > Esko > FlexRipConfig 12.1 (or later) > Select Server.

Color Engine Pilot - Curve Pilot - CIPress

If you install these applications on a computer without FlexRip or FlexProof (otherwise the previous procedure can be used), you have to set up the environment variable manually. To setup, follow the steps given below:

  1. Make sure you are logged on as a user with administrative rights.
  2. Open the Windows Explorer.

  3. Go to My Computer.

  4. Right-click and select Properties.

  5. Go to the Advanced system settings and click the Environment Variables button.

  6. In the System Variables section, click the New button.

    1. Set Variable name: BG_SERVER

    2. Set Variable value: name of the server ( e.g. AEserver)

    3. Click OK.

Your variable BG_SERVER will be set.

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Automation Engine all versions

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Color Engine Pilot all versions

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Last revised10-Oct-2013
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