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Unable to change Pantone CVC separations to Pantone C via an ArtPro Action List, when files using this separation are linked files (e.g. Step & Repeat files).

CVC stands for Computer Video Coated, which means an electronic simulation of a separation - on screen - as it would appear on coated paper.
Pantone CVC is an outdated naming convention and therefore will not be found in the Color Engine ink books as defined on your Automation Engine.

For more information on Pantone naming conventions, see:,-cv,-cvc,-cvu,-cp,-up.


When opening an ArtPro file (1Up or S&R file), the following warning messages appear in the ArtPro Message window:

Lab values from separations "Pantone XXXX CVC" do not match Lab values calculated from Ink Book "PANTONE+ ..."

Could not find separation "PANTONE XXXX CVC" in inkbook "PANTONE+...". Resetting inkbook to "<unregistered>"

After renaming the Pantone CVC separation to Pantone C using an ArtPro Action List in S&R files, the Pantone CVC is still present and the Pantone C is added.


To rename the separations from CVC to C, do the following:

  1. Open the 1Up file.
  2. Open the Separations window.
  3. Rename Pantone CVC to Pantone C.
  4. Update the Separations from your Ink books.

Using an ArtPro Action List, you can automate this process by doing the following:

  1. Create an ArtPro Action List to:
    1. Open your ArtPro file.
    2. Rename CVC to C.
    3. Save your ArtPro file.
    4. Close your ArtPro file.

Currently, this is only supported for 1Up files.

Applying this rename via an ArtPro Action List, will not work on linked files (e.g. in S&R files) as it is out of specification.

We recommend you to first remove the outdated naming conventions in your separations in the 1Up file and afterwards process it further.

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Last revised14-Oct-13
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