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We have a cascading drop-down with, f.e., printer names. It lists several printers and then the materials that each printer uses. Both of these are as cascading drop-down menus to fill in for users.

Now, we will change some of the printers. We will delete one printer and move all its materials under another printer. If we delete the first printer, what will happen in the projects where it has been chosen in the drop-down menus? Will the drop-down menus be empty?


No, the drop-down menus will not be empty. The values are stored in the database as pure text. So, even deleting the entire Excel sheet will not change these data. Neither will the renaming of an Excel cell change the data. So, the options given in the drop-down menu are only to help enter the data. 

However when you again open the attributes for the project, the value might be followed by (NOT VALID) to indicate that this value can no longer be found in the Excel sheet.  

The same (NOT VALID) indication is shown when you have a restricted set with a value which has been taken out.

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