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When trying to mill a job with any offset other than Centerline, the following message is displayed:

One or more layers with tool offset has open curves.

Open curves will not be produced.

Do you want to move open curves to a new Centerline layer?

Press No to continue and ignore open curves.

If you click OK, i-cut will automatically change your tool offset to Centerline and take you through to the Production Manager. If you then run the file, your job will be produced over/under sized.


This is caused because the file you are trying to run has open curves. Without being closed, i-cut cannot define an inside or outside. To resolve, close any open curves.

  1. Click Edit > Apply Import Options.
  2. In the Import Options, ensure that the Connect Open Curves check box is selected.
  3. i-cut would have now connected the open curves. Check the Tool Path Preview to ensure that you have selected the correct tool offset.


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