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Why does ArtiosCAD open each time a new instance, when I double-click a native ArtiosCAD file (.ARD, .MFG, .A3D)?


In ArtiosCAD, when you go to the File > Open menu and select a file, the file will always open in the opened ArtiosCAD instance.

But when you double-click a native ArtiosCAD file via Windows Explorer or on the desktop, it can happen that for each file a new instance opens up, which can be annoying and is not desired.

  • Check your hardware / system requirements. A lot depends on the performance capability of the machine. There have been timing issues when double-clicking files.
  • Flexnet licensing causes performance issues, which has been fixed from version 12 onwards.
  • It mostly occurs in older versions. From ArtiosCAD version 12 onwards, this behavior has improved a lot.
  • If you don't have the possibility to upgrade to the latest ArtiosCAD version and cannot change the speed of your computer, open files via ArtiosCAD > File > Open only.

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Applies to

ArtiosCAD 7.70

ArtiosCAD 7.60

Last revised19-Nov-15
CW Number194863


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  1. This is a Windows related issue that can be reproduced by setting a default program to open a file type.

    To reproduce right-click on an ArtiosCAD file > Open with > Choose default program...

    Once the default program is set for a specific file type, the issue occurs for that file type only. The other file types still open in an existing instance.