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You may need to re-calibrate the Camera Offset for two reasons:

  1. A dialog box appears in i-cut Vision asking you to Calibrate Camera Offset.
  2. You notice that you are getting problems with the cut to print registration (cut lines offset from where they should be).


  1. To open the Adjustment wizard, click Calibration > Camera Offset.
  2. The Camera Offset dialog box will now appear. Before you start, ensure you have selected an appropriate tool (this will usually be a static knife). Set up the tool as you would normally set in the Edit Layer, but set the velocity and acceleration low (10m/min 10%acc).

    Ensure you have a sharp blade fitted.

  3. Place some thin card/paper on the table and click Measure. The Camera View window will appear, drive the camera anywhere over the material and click OK.

    You will need to put the vacuum on manually before cutting.

  4. The table will cut a 6mm diameter registration hole. Once cut, a dialog box with the message Weed If Necessary appears. At this point, remove the circle (reset safety if required) and click OK. The table will automatically reference itself over the registration hole.

    It is very important that you do not move the material when weeding. Best practice would be to keep the vacuum on to prevent moving.

  5. The Camera View window will close automatically. 
  6. Now, run the Check procedure. Click Check, again the Camera View window will open. Drive the camera over the registration hole you just cut. Once the camera picks it up (indicated by the green circle), click OK.
  7. An 8mm diameter hole will be cut around your 6mm hole. Check if it is even all the way around (not thicker on one side than the other).

The camera calibration is now complete.

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