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The connection from the FlexRip/BI to the Barco ImageSetter (via FlexRip/B) still uses the old .GRO file format. This format has limited support for PANTONE® Colors. Only PANTONE Colors Coated from before the PANTONE+ release are supported.

Jobs containing PANTONE Colors added later to that book or from a different PANTONE book do not go through. We've now added a decision system that converts the new color to the best suited color in the old system.

This doesn't influence the quality of the output on film, only the naming of the separation.


This hotfix is for FlexRip/BI only: after sending a normalized PDF to the FlexRipBBI, you get the error message: "Cannot link the PMS name to the PMS number".

More Information

For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to:

Article information
Applies to

FlexRip 12.0

Last revised 
Author PED
CW NumberEA144338

What is a Hotfix?

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