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This article explains what is the procedure involved when an admin user tries to delete a user having dependencies.


When trying to remove a user from WebCenter, the admin user confirms the deletion and is presented with a Delete Dependency Confirmation page.


The dependency page is used as a reminder that the user about to be deleted has outstanding dependencies such as being a task owner or an approver in an approval setup. At this point, the deletion can be cancelled if desired. 

If the administrator wants to proceed with the deletion, the Show Dependencies button should be clicked to show the user's current dependencies. This information may take a while to load.

The administrator may decide to remove the dependencies by re-assigning the tasks or approval setups. This should be done before deleting the user as it is much harder to find these assignments after the deletion of the user.

If the admin user is sure that the deletion of the user should proceed, then the Delete User button should be clicked. If there are still tasks assigned to this user (so the administrator decided to not remove this dependency), the task will become unassigned. Equally so, the user will be taken out of the approval cycle.

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Last revised5-Nov-13
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