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Through rules, you can make fields in an attribute category show up depending on the value of other attributes. A common case is when you want to show a field as soon as another field is no longer empty. How do you do this?


  1. Select the field you want to show/ hide.
  2. In the cell details, click Add Rule.
  3. Select the attribute which needs to have a value before you want to show this field.
  4. Select the != operator.
  5. In WebCenter 12 or older, you can leave the next field empty. However in WebCenter 12.1, there is an extra check on the Compare field and it insists that you enter a value in it, else the following message is displayed: "No compare value given".
    Just put a space (surprisingly this will work since the Compare is done after trimming spaces from the compare value and the entered value. The Compare is, by the way also case insensitive). 
  6. Select Editable (or as required, depending on the need) in The Cell is drop down menu and Hidden for the Else the cell is drop down menu.
  7. Click OK. This should now work.

The compare field check will be removed for WebCenter 14.

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  1. Anonymous

    It would be handy if users could have a button to duplicate an existing rule (i.e. save as) to minimize the repetitive clicking required when creating many rules that are similar.