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When you create a project or a template, you have the possibility to add a customer. After adding the customer, it's possible to change the customer but you cannot leave the Customer field blank via the WebCenter interface.


To leave the Customer field of a project or template blank, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Admin section of the WebCenter.
  2. Under Project Management, go to Projects or Templates.
  3. Next, select the Projects/ Templates where you need to clear the Customer field.

  4. In the Actions menu, select Export. Open the newly created ExportedWebCenterProjects.xml file.

  5. Search for the following tags:

    <customer_id>00002_0000000003</customer_id> (id numbers are just examples)
    </custom_project_status><customer_name>Esko</customer_name> (Customer and Location numbers are just examples)
  6. Delete the content of these tags to leave them like below:

  7. Save the XML file.
  8. Go back to Admin > Project Management > Projects/ Templates.
  9. On the top right, click Import from XML.
  10. Select the saved XML file and click Import.
  11. You will get the following result: Number of Projects/Templates Modified X (X being the number of projects or templates that you modified).
  12. The Customer field of the project or template will be now empty!
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WebCenter 12.0

WebCenter 12.1

WebCenter 12.1.1

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