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Where to place your PPD so you can select it in the Device type drop down menu of the Export to postscript file ticket?


  • Go to your Automation Engine Server and open Windows explore.
  • Browse to the following folder: Esko/bg_prog_fastserver_vXXX/dat/printers (XXX referring to the version of your Automation Engine server).
  • Copy the PPD into this folder.
  • Restart your Pilot to refresh.
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Automation Engine all versions

Last revised22-Nov-13
CW Number198660


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  1. Automation Engine version 12.2

    The PPD needs to be placed in this folder on the Automation Engine PC - x:\Esko\bg_data_custom_v010\dat\printers


    Then go to windows task manager (right click on Task Bar and choose "Start Task Manager).

    Go to Processes tab. Search for ppdsrv.exe and stop this process.

    Once you click on the "Export to PS" ticket the ppdsrv process will relaunch.

    You should now see the ppd in the list at the bottom.