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I have received separated TIFF files (screened or unscreened) from a customer and I need to place these files in a layout. How can I combine these files?


You will need to create a Normalized PDF file. This can be done using the Create Wrapper File ticket.

The Create Wrapper File task creates a Normalized PDF that encapsulates a given image, for example a screened TIFF copydot file. The Normalized PDF encapsulating the image can then be processed further via tasks that can handle Normalized PDF data, such as FlexRip tasks.

  1. Open the Automation Engine Pilot.

  2. Select all the TIFF files. 

  3. Right-click and choose New task.

  4. Select the Create Wrapper File ticket.  Make sure to select the Combine multiple input files (separations) to a single composite wrapper file option. This will create a normalized PDF file with external references to the original TIFF files.

More information about the Create Wrapper File ticket can be found in the Automation Engine Reference Manual: Create Wrapper File ticket.

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