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How to hide or show options of the Merge program?


  1. In the Merge menu bar, select Options > Configuration.
  2.  A new window by name Activate or deactivate options opens where you can select the desired options.
  3. By default this window is not password protected so you can activate or deactivate options.

For example, to activate the Image Manipulation option in the Mergers,

  1. Select the Image Manipulation option.
  2. Close the window.
  3. Re-start the Merger.

Now a new button will be shown in the Merge Toolbar: (See red circle)

Now with the Image Manipulation option activated, the Mirror X, Mirror Y, Invert and IMask options become available (See the Tool buttons - 2nd line).

You can select to enter a password to protect this window. To do, just click the Enter Password button at the top of the Activate or deactivate options configuration window.

If you want to know more

Please consult the corresponding user manual.

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DFS all versions

CDI all versions

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