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The instructions in this article will guide you through creating a new project in ArtiosCAD. Projects are useful for designs that use two or more components like displays or multiple piece die cuts. 


  1. To create a new project, click Projects on the top menu bar and then select New Project.
  2. Give the project a Name and Description and click OK. You can also use auto numbering if applicable.
  3. In the Project Information window you will be able to add documents, assign database information, define characteristics and add userfields.

    The project browser is separate from the design browser.

  4. To add documents, click the Documents button on the top right corner of the window.

    It is suggested to have all the designs for this project open in ArtiosCAD and to-do select the Add Open... button. This is quicker and you can still use it if you create new designs and want to add them. It is also suggested (although not necessary) to have numbering scheme that relates in some way to the project and the ARD files in the project. 

    The only file type you can add to projects are ARD files. (Advanced project management would require ArtiosCAD Enterprise)

  5. In the Project Documents window (similar to the image shown above), click the Add button to browse and add files to the project.
    The only way to access or manage projects is through the Project Browser. You will not be able to see the project name in Windows Explorer, but only the associated ARD files.

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