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When using the Zoom tool in the WebCenter Viewer, the following error message appears: "Preview generation failed: Cannot get preview data because: bad allocation".


This problem indicates that the application server is running out of memory during the usage of the viewer. In some cases this is a temporary problem (some other action taking a lot of memory, then freeing it up again).  

You can solve this issue as follows:

  • Wait for 10 minutes and then try again.
  • If the problem persists, check the application server for heapdumps 
    • Look for log files named heapdump* in admin/configuration/site service
    • Make sure these log files are recent. An example log file name: heapdump_2013-08-28_12-13-22.hprof.gz  dates from 28 August, 12:33
    • If you find these, restart the application server (JBOSS service)
  • Steps have been taken in WebCenter 12.1 and WebCenter 12.1.1 to improve the memory usage of the viewer and the other WebCenter operations. If this problem occurs in an older version of the WebCenter, consider upgrading.
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