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Why does Layer 'Trapping1' not show in Neo's Layers pallet whereas it does in View Layers in Adobe® Acrobat®?


Having trapped a PDF in Suite 12 Power Trapper, when opening it in Neo/i-cut Preflight, 'Trapping1' does not show in Layers pallet whereas it does when viewing Layers in Acrobat.  On close visual inspection, the trap objects are intact, but do not immediately appear on their own in 'Trapping' layer in Neo.

Neo/i-cut Preflight will show an Esko Suite 12 created Power Trap layer as a sub-layer within 'Unlayered Art'. 

As Neo recognizes the layers as being part of a group, the original art layer(s) and Esko 'Trapping' layers are found on expanding Unlayered Art and any 'Group' sub-layer(s).  By 'ungrouping' objects, these layers may be isolated for edit or removal.

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i-cut Preflight 12.x

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