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I have a Send Notification task in a workflow and I link an image using the HTML img tag. Why is my image not shown in the preview?


is shown as:


There can be several reasons:

  • The image does not (or no longer) exist on the server you link to. In the example above, using your browser go to and see if it shows the image.
  • The security settings of an applet can prohibit the applet to link to cross-domain resources. This means that an image on the same server will work, but linking to an image on another server will not. Your options are:
    • Leave the image in the message as it is. It will show up 'broken' in the preview, but the image will still be shown in the sent e-mail (if your e-mail client allows you to see images).
    • Switch to a more trusted applet. You can do this by changing the Viewer and Workflow Applet preference via My WebCenter > My Preferences under Viewer Preferences. The "Signed (Sandboxed)" and "Unsigned" values are the more restricted ones. The "Signed (not sandboxed)" value will allow you to see the image.
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Last revised8-Jan-14
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