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If jobs are not reaching the proofer or the Test button in Flexproof E returns the message "The printer is currently printing or busy" and there is no output, it is necessary to test the proofer connection. The steps below will help to determine if the proofer is reachable on the network.


Testing proofer connectivity in the Proof Client:

  1. Determine the IP address of the proofer. This is most easily found in the Proof Client on the System Manager tab in the Device > Setup menu.
  2. Click the Test button next to the IP address. There are three possible results:
    1. The connection to the printer is OK: FlexProof was able to communicate with the printer.
    2. The printer is currently printing or busy: FlexProof can see the proofer but the proofer reports that it is busy.
    3. Cannot find a printer with this IP address in the network: The IP address to the proofer is incorrect.
  3. If the Test button reports back that the proofer is busy or the IP address cannot be found, subsequent clicking of the Test button will always report that the proofer is busy.  Stop and start the Proof Server and restart the Proof Client.

If there are problems verifying the connection to the proofer through the Proof Client, it is necessary to check the connection using Windows tools. These are the following options:

  • Open a web browser and enter the IP address. Most proofers will have an internal web page that will show proofer status, consumables, etc.
  • Ping the IP address in a CMD window.  The command is ping(IP address) for example: ping  If a reply is received then the connection is good.

Finally, if the web browser and ping command return good results, it's possible to use the telnet command to the IP address and the port to determine if the system can communicate with the proofer through the designated port. The command is:

telnet (IP address) (port) 

For example: telnet 9100

If this command is successful, the CMD window will be blank. If it is not successful then an error will be reported.

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Flexproof E 12

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