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BGMD service does not start. An error with the message that there is a log on failure, error 1069 appears.


Users cannot log into Pilot.

Checking the Automation Engine Server shows that the BGMD service is not running.

When trying to start the service, you get the following error: "Non catched error: 1069 the service did not start due to a logon failure".


The password for the BGSYSTEM does not match the password used in the log-on settings for the BGMD service.

  1. On the Automation Engine Server, go to Manage > Services.
  2. Right-click the BGMD service and select Properties.
  3. Go to the Log On tab.

Make sure the password for BGSYSTEM is the same as it is on the server or domain.

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Automation Engine all versions

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  1. Unknown User (dako)

    You may see the error message also in case the  user account is locked. Check it in case the solution mentioned above does not do the job.