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A workflow task is completed automatically even if the required task specifications are not filled. These workflow specifications are typically pushed to project attributes.

Normally, the workflow should not complete if the required specifications are empty. But in WebCenter 12.1.1, this functionality is broken.


This issue is solved in WebCenter 14.0.


A workaround for this issue is possible in case the workflow specifications are used to update project attributes. In such case, it is possible to include one or more basic tasks in your workflow. The basic tasks will not complete unless all required specifications are filled and blocks the main workflow task from completion.

Follow these steps to work around the problem:

  1. Remove the required specification(s) from your workflow task type, or make them not required anymore.
  2. Create a new basic task type (not a workflow) and add your specification(s) to this task type instead.
  3. Include the new task type in your original workflow task type.

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WebCenter 12.1

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CW Number209020