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Dynamic VDP expansion task is failing and the log provides the following message:

ERROR: The font MyriadPro-Regular was not found.
ERROR: One or more glyphs are missing for MyriadPro-Regular, these will not be shown.

Dynamic VDP expansion can be performed either on a workstation using DeskPack plug-ins or on a DFE or Automation Engine Server. In all these cases, fonts used in variable data job must be installed in operating system of the computer. So, in order to use the fonts also in the task Expand Dynamic VDP data, you need to install the font on the Automation Engine Server and the Automation Engine Assistants (if applicable).

Esko Font Manager

The Esko Font Manager is not involved in case of Dynamic VDP. It is needed for previous generation of variable data software known as Variable Data or Classic VDP.


Read the following articles to learn how to install fonts on your computer.


Mac OS X:

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Applies to

HP DFE 4.0

Automation Engine 12.2

DeskPack 12.2

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