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The following error appears:

Error 2005 Illegal amount of digits

The Kongsberg Xx - Guide program has detected an error in the syntax of the input or job file. More precisely, it has encountered a line in the input file that contains more digits than is legal for the input file format specified in the System Options.

Global Check

  1. The input or job file may be corrupt. Try executing a job that you know was successfully completed earlier.
  2. If "known jobs" fail with the same message too, the System Options may have been set to incorrect Display Units or to an incorrect Input File Format.
    Specify the correct Display Units (mm or Inch) and File Format (if you run i-cut, check that the Units settings in i-cut are the same as here in the Xx Guide).

    The System Options dialog shown above may look different depending on the machine type.

Machine Specific Checks

There are no machine specific checks.

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Applies to

Kongsberg XL

Kongsberg XN

Kongsberg XE

Kongsberg XP

Kongsberg C

Kongsberg CM

Kongsberg XPA

Kongsberg DCM

Kongsberg  VL

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