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Which module license unlocks which part of WebCenter's functionality?


For WebCenter 16.1, see:

For more information on how the Product Capabilities translate into actual licenses in the Network License Manager, see:

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Product CapabilitiesWhich module?Comments
User ManagementBaseManage user account, access rights, notifications, etc
Project ManagementBaseCreation of projects, folder structure, permissions, event notification etc
CAD Approval BaseManage single stage approval cycle on CAD file: View, Annotate, Approve
Document ManagementBaseVersion control, meta data support, file viewing, annotation, approval, search etc
File UploadBaseSupports both single file and multiple file upload
Graphical Viewing and ApprovalBase (Graphic Module)Supports viewing and managing approval of Graphics files
CAD & Graphics supportBase (Graphic Module)Overlay and view Graphics and CAD file in the viewer
CustomizationBaseConfigure look and feel of WebCenter UI
Attributes/MetadataBaseCreation and use of attributes and presenting that in basic form
Search (project/document etc)BaseSimple and advanced searches on documents and projects
EXCEL reportingBaseExport and create reports against an Excel template
Job Creation in Automation EngineBaseJob can be created in Automation Engine if both Automation Engine and WebCenter are in same the LAN
Run a CAD StandardBase (+ LCM) or AdvancedUsers are able to Run a CAD Standard (create a CAD file from an ArtiosCAD standard file) by supplying Board, Length, Width and Depth directly from WebCenter

Base or Advanced

SSO, new in WebCenter 14, allows for different forms of user authentication

Base: Maximum one basic authentication and one LDAP instance/ Advanced: Multiple instances (no limitation)

3D VisualizationAdvanced ApprovalView and Approve 3D (collada) files
Braille ReaderAdvanced ApprovalRead Braille content in a graphic file
Barcode ReaderAdvanced ApprovalRead Barcode present in a graphic file
Staged Approval (Complex ApprovalAdvanced ApprovalDesign and manage staged (complex) approval process
Customization/Form Design Life Cycle ManagementAdvanced layout of forms using attributes (e.g.: DSR), Excel table based attribute creation, Cascading attributes, Multi-value attributes etc
Task ManagementLife Cycle ManagementCreation of tasks and managing project deliverables and timeline with tasks
My Group Tasks (Task Manager)Life Cycle ManagementSupports viewing all the tasks assigned to a group and re-assigning them based on workload
Workflow DesignLife Cycle ManagementDesign and manage Project task using complex workflows
Asset BrowserLife Cycle ManagementLinks to lists and setup of cascading attributes
Workflow execution in Automation EngineLife Cycle ManagementAn Automation Engine Workflow can be executed from WebCenter, if both Automation Engine and WebCenter are in the same LAN
Project Creation workflow nodeAdvanced + Life Cycle ManagementThe Project Creation workflow node, which is new in WebCenter 14, is only available for systems with a WebCenter Advanced license and a Life Cycle Management license
Graphic Reporting ToolkitAdvancedCreate a custom graphical reports using the reporting engine. Custom reports are additional purchase option 
IntegrationSDKIntegration Frameworks/ APIs to integrate WebCenter with third party systems
CHILI EditorCHILIOptional CHILI Editor module, new in WebCenter 14
Packaging Content Management (PCM)WebCenter Packaging Content ManagementAll functionalities related to managing text on Packaging are available, new in WebCenter 16
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WebCenter 16.0 and older (up to version 12.1)

Last revised27-Jun-19
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