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Neo 10.1.3 is not able to start due to not being able to fetch its required network license.


At startup, Neo 10.1.3 shows the following error message:

No license could be acquired from the "servername" license server. Please check that the "servername" license server is running and that there is at least one license available for this application.


Neo 10.1.3 is an upgrade which is solely targeted at supporting Mavericks (Mac OS X 10.9). To support this version of Mac OS X, several components of Neo are updated, including the licensing related components. This means you also need a Network License Manager (Esko Network License Manager 12.1.2) that is compatible with the Mavericks OS. Even when Neo and/or the Network License Manager are not running on Mavericks,

  1. You can locate the installer on
  2. Go to the Neo section, select Neo 10.1.3 and click the Go button.
  3. On that page, scroll down to the Licensing Information section.
  4. You need to download and install the Esko Network License manager - Suite 12.1.2 (DMG - MAC OS X Intel) package.
  5. Install this on the computer where the previous version of the EskoArtwork License Manager was running. This is the computer whose name is mentioned in the error message you encountered earlier.

After installing the new version of the Esko Network License Manager, go to the new installation folder and:

  1. Double-click Stop
  2. Quit the window that pops up.
  3. Double-click Start
  4. Quit the window that pops up.

You should now be able to start Neo 10.1.3 again.

If the correct server name is specified in its License Manager settings, it will find the required license and start up. If not, please specify the name or IP address of the server on which the Esko Network License Manager is running.

Make sure to replace any short cuts/references for the Server application which may be set up on your license server with the new version, as the new version needs to be launched each time when the license server is rebooted.

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Neo 10.1.3

Last revised18-Feb-14
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