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This is a detailed description of how you can repair a damage using a standard filler, if you have accidentally routed into the table top.

Typical look of a damage: 

Needed equipment:

  • A filler, e.g. Plastic Padding
  • Alkyd based steel paint, Color: RAL 7035,Semi gloss
  • Sandpaper, Medium grade, Grit size 120
  • Acetone
  • Clean rag
  • Paint brush, fine type
  • Drill bits 1 mm diameter

 1. Preparation

1.      Clean the area to be treated with acetone, using a clean rag.

2.      Let dry.

2. Repair

1.      Following the instructions on the filler packaging, mix and apply the filler to an even surface.

2.      When hardened, use the sandpaper to smoothen the surface.

3.      Repeat steps 1 and 2 if necessary to a satisfactory result.

4.      Apply at least two layers of paint following the instructions on the container.

5.      Drill up any sealed vacuum holes with 1 mm drillbits, either manually or with the use of a miniature drill.

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