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Very large pagelist (multipage) files may cause problems in WebCenter when users attempt to download these files.

In case the files are published on WebCenter using Automation Engine and downloading these files is not strictly necessary, it is possible to disable the download option to prevent problems from occurring.

In WebCenter 14, more memory will be available for WebCenter to generate downloadable files, improving this situation.


Large pagelist (multipage) files have been uploaded to WebCenter, downloading these files is enabled. JBoss creates heapdumps and becomes very slow. The heapdumps show very large page list objects in memory.


In case downloading the files is not necessary, you can disallow downloading these large files in WebCenter by modifying your Publish Imposition on WebCenter ticket. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your ticket and go to the Publish tab.
  2. Disable the Make available for download checkbox in the Allow Downloading in WebCenter section.
  3. Save your ticket.

In case you do need to download files from WebCenter, you can publish two versions of your file: One with optimal resolution for viewing only and another one with a lower resolution (and smaller file size) for download. To create smaller download files, you need to modify the ticket used for creating PDF files for proofing:

  1. Create two separate Publish Imposition on WebCenter tickets. One, where the download option is disabled (see steps described above), another where the download option is enabled. You can name them Publish Imposition on WebCenter (view) and Publish Imposition on WebCenter (download).
  2. In the ticket with Make available for download option enabled, check what ticket is used for PDF file for profing.
  3. Create a new ticket based on this ticket and modify the options in the Compression tab to compress the file.

  4. Use this new ticket in your Publish Imposition on WebCenter (download) ticket.


In WebCenter 14 (64 bit), handling of large files will be improved.

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WebCenter 12.x and older

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