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What is a TED file?


A TED file is a standardized format for curves (ISO).
It is an XML file so in fact you can use this format to import curves.

A TED file contains adjustment curves. X, Y couple in this file, means that the RIP takes for patch X%, the value of a screen Y%.
So they are not measured values (X and Y will be reversed in the DGC editor under Measured Points’).

This is an example TED file: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <TransferCurve Separation="Cyan" Curve=  "0.0 0.0    0.5  0.4    1.0 1.0"  />
    <TransferCurve Separation="Black" Curve="0.0 0.0    1.0  1.0"  />
    <TransferCurve Separation="All" Curve=    "0.0 0.0    0.1  0.2    0.5 0.6   0.8 0.9  1.0 1.0"  />

When you import a TED file in CurvePilot (File > Import), CurvePilot will create an ICPRO and a DGC file for each ink in the TED file.
For the example above, there would be three DGC curves: 

  • Cyan DGC with compensation points (0%,0%), (50%,40%) , (100%,100%)
  • Black DGC with compensation points (0%,0%), (100%,100%)
  • ‘Other inks’ DGC with compensation points (0%,0%), (10%,20%), (50%,60%), (80%,90%), (100%,100%)

After an import of a TedExample.ted file:

To import an Excel or a text file to CurvePilot, you need a CurvePilot Pro license.
TED import is included in the base version of CurvePilot.

If the user can convert the Excel data to a TED file, he will be able to import the data.
Conversion of an Excel to a TED must be made by the user (e.g. By creating an Excel macro which creates a TED file).

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