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How to use different conditions based on other different screens?


If you use different conditions based on other different screens:
Instead of creating single curves per screen dot or lineature, it is recommended to create curve sets per screen dot or lineature.
When for example a FM screen is used, it is better to measure the curves of all inks with this FM screen (CMYK), and bundle these curves into a curve set (e.g. TED, PressSync curve set).

You can find an example of this below:
The curve strategy (ICPRO file) starts with different printing conditions: C-raster dot with 175LPI, 200LPI and 250LPI. FM-Monet of 3x3 pixels and 2x2 pixels.
And each of these conditions depends on a "curve set": a bundle of curves, one for each ink.


An example of an ICPRO file which makes use of PressSync curve sets, and not TED files can be seen above.
An ICPRO cannot be built with TED files. But it illustrates the principle of building a structure on base of a bundle of curves for a certain condition (e.g. FM raster).
You can also build this structure via workflows.  

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