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How can you control the order in which the inks are placed in a color bar in FastImpose?


FastImpose uses a pre-defined algorithm to define which ink from the job file is placed in which location in the color bar.

The algorithm tries to match the same inks as much as possible. The attribute priority is as follows: ink name, group (book), is Pantone, non process attribute, dot shape, ruling, angle.

You need to verify the following settings in the given locations:

In FastImpose

  1. Open the Imposition menu > List Marks > Of this sheet... and select your color bar mark
  2. Click Edit. This opens the Color Bar Properties window.
  3. Select the General tab sheet. The option "Image > Inks:" should be set to either "Map inks per sheet side" or to "Map Inks for the complete job". If you set it to "Keep original inks", the colors will not be mapped.

In PackEdge

  1. Open the color bar PDF file and open the ink properties via Paint menu > Inks.
  2. Verify the angles of your inks.

In the Automation Engine Pilot

  1. Select a PDF from the job > File Info > Inks.
  2. Verify the angles of the inks.

To control the position of the colors in the color bar, make sure to select proper inks in the color bar PDF in PackEdge while keeping in mind the priority list of the algoritm. If you don't want the angle of the inks to play a role for the position of the inks in the color bars, give all inks the same angle in the color bar PDF file.

If you don't want technical or varnish inks to be placed in the color bar, make sure that their ink properties are set to Technical or Varnish ink, and not to Normal ink. You can change this by using for e.g. the Optimize PDF Separations task in Automation Engine > Ink Properties tab sheet > Apply Ink Type. The availability of this task in Automation Engine depends on your license.

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FastImpose 12.1.2

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