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Sometimes a bit gets stuck in the chuck. This article explains the reasons for a bit getting stuck and solutions for solving it.


Reason 1: The air pressure is below 7 bar. 


To release a router bit from the chuck, an air pressure approximately 7 bar is required. Check the table regulator setting or the pressurized air source. 

Reason 2: Dirt inside the chuck.


Unscrew and clean the chuck according to the instructions for Chuck Change And Clean in the user manual. You can also watch an instruction movie.

  1. Set the manual air valve in open position.
  2. Hold the rotor with 13 mm (17 mm for MultiCut-HP) key.
  3. Enter a ring spanner 10 mm (12 mm for MultiCut-HP) to the chuck.
  4. Unscrew the chuck with a reasonable force to remove the milling bit.

If the milling bit is still stuck, we advise to contact Esko Customer Support. 

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Last revised26-Mar-14
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