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When starting up ArtiosCAD on a particular client / workstation, an error pops up. But when starting the PC with another Windows user, for example Admin, the error does not appear when starting up ArtiosCAD.


  • An error appears when starting up ArtiosCAD on a particular client / work station. The error can be 'TLBFONT violation' or can also be any other kind.
  • ArtiosCAD cannot be started on a particular client / workstation.
  • ArtiosCAD do starts up fine without errors on other clients / workstations.
  • The concerned user has all necessary permissions on ClientLib, ServerLib, database server, etc.


In case ArtiosCAD does not give the same behavior on all work stations, you might assume this is probably not related to the ArtiosCAD installation itself, but rather related with the Windows user profile.

As a test, logon to the same problematic workstation (on Windows) with the Admin user account. If the problem does not appear when starting up ArtiosCAD, then there could be an issue with the users Windows profile.

Now, logon to another client (in case you have more than one ArtiosCAD workstation) with the Windows user profile that was on the initial workstation that gave problems.

In case the same behavior appears when starting up ArtiosCAD, you can conclude the cause is a corrupted Windows user profile. In such a case, re-create the Windows user profile.

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