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We are changing all the IP Addresses on our Esko Servers and Workstations. What all places do we need to check for IP addresses to modify to the new address?


Check the following locations listed below. It might be possible that there are other places where an IP address is hard coded in some file.

  • In the Automation Engine Pilot, go to Tools > Configure. Make sure anything in the Configure that references the old IP is modified.
  • Any computer that may have a hosts file set with the server IP/name needs to be changed to the new IP.
  • Guinet.scr setup on the Grapholas needs to be changed to the new IP address for the FlexRip/C computer. This file can be found in the following location: c:/bsl/ui/guinet.scr
  • FlexProof/E Client device configurations need to have the new IP address for any proofers that have been modified.
  • Automation Engine Containers in the Pilot (if specified by IP and not name).
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