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Installation of the DesPack plugins was successful, but the plugins are Unlicensed and you are not able to use the DeskPack plugins at this time since it is not possible to activate the Trial.


As prompted by the Activation process, you have made an Esko Licensing account and can successfully log in to this account at:

When completing the steps to activate the DeskPack Trail software you have installed, the following message appears: "This account is not yet activated".


Go to "I want to edit my account".  At the top, you may notice a message stating that your account is not yet confirmed. If so, check your E-mail Inbox and other folders where the message from Esko to confirm your account may have ended up. Upon finding, select the link to "confirm your e-mail address".  This will now enable your Esko Licensing account and will allow you to Activate Esko Trial software.

If none found, ensure that your e-mail address is entered in your account settings correctly. If a change to your e-mail is needed, be sure to follow the instructions for re-enabling your account after correcting your e-mail address. Then initiate a new confirmation e-mail to be sent at the bottom of the page. 

For more information on the Trial Software installation and activation, click here:

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